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"For over thirty years I have trusted Tom Williamson to care for my furniture, first at our farm in southern Albemarle, and for the last three years in my apartment at Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge in Charlottesville. From nicks and scratches, polishing and refinishing, to major reconstruction, Tom has given perfect satisfaction. I recommend him without reservation."

Elizabeth P. Scott


"For over three decades now, I have collected and appraised Southern period furniture. Over those thirty years, I have had Tom Williamson restore and conserve special pieces in my own Southern collection. Not once has he ever disappointed me. Each time he has lived up to my highest expectations. As I tell my appraisal clients, "When you want the best you hire the best." After all, if we are going to be responsible caretakers of our Southern heritage of antiques for the next succeeding generations, it is only appropriate to secure the services of a seasoned, experienced, and accomplished master craftsman! I have also referred Tom to my private clients and to my University students, who include everyday folk like myself, wanting the best, to movie stars and corporate leaders, hoping for the best. None have ever complained. All have sung his praises. That's quite a record!"

Will Paulsen, M. A.


"Tom Williamson did a superior job of restoring and renewing many pieces of antique furniture at The Residence here at Woodberry Forest School. The Residence is a historic home designed by Thomas Jefferson for William Madison, younger brother of James Madison. The one William Madison piece of furniture that the school owns is the Madison buffet. Tom restored this piece to its original grandeur obliterating scratches, restoring color, and replacing small pieces on its trim. Now it is truly of museum quality. Watching Tom at work was watching a master craftsman."

Leesa Campbell


"Before retiring in Charlottesville, we lived in a number of different countries, always taking our inherited antique furniture with us. These transports took their toll and some pieces were reduced to very poor condition. The damage was further compounded by our hiring of a restorer who, unknown to us, was totally inept at working with 18th century furniture. He did considerable damage to several items. Fortunately, Mr. Williamson was recommended to us as an experienced expert at restoration. With artistry and great patience, he has restored our furniture to its original state of value and beauty. We continue to work with him, confident in his ability to produce the excellent results."

A Private Client


Albemarle Furniture Services
Albemarle Furniture Services

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