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Antique Restorations

Antique Restorations & Conservation

Our restoration and conservation studio has complete capabilities to care for pieces from all periods. A craftsman with more than forty years experience, Tom Williamson will execute the finest repairs and restorations on your antique, with the highest regard for preserving it's integrity.

Traditional hand tools and finishes are used to duplicate the look and feel of the original intent. Our approach to restorations is fundamentally conservative. Restored pieces are found all over Central Virginia, from Ash Lawn-Highland to Carrs Hill, and the fine estates of Mr. Jefferson's Country and beyond.

Capabilities include: Cabinetwork, Carving, Chair repair, French Polishing, Gesso repair, Spot-gilding, Frame repair, Lacquer, Lacquer boxes, Leather desk tops, Marble repair, Marquetry repair, Hardware repair and replacement, Lathe turnings, Art objects restored, Polishing, Preservation of Period Finishes, Veneer repairs, Antique glass replacement, Structural repairs and Stabilization, and Waxing.

  • French Polishing
  • Antique Restorations & Conservation
  • Structural Repairs & Stabilization
  • Refinishing
  • Period & Hand Rubbed Finishes
  • Veneer & Inlay Repairs
  • Carving & Lathe Turning
  • Frame Restorations & Spot-gilding
  • Polishing & Waxing


Albemarle Furniture Services
Albemarle Furniture Services

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